A few minutes

Precious is napping and the other children are reading a joke book.  Shane went to deliver our old dining room table to someone who can use it.  So I have a few minutes. 


Precious is just a sweetie pie girl. She never cries and is smiley and happy always.  We went to the doctor Thursday morning.  Everything went very well.  We have some phone numbers for specialists to call after the first of the year.  So close to the end of the year and she is 16 pounds now,  yes you read that right the little baby girl that was so thin and near deaths door is not a 16 lb. chunk.   Dr. said we could wait — unfortunate that insurance deductible's rule how this works, but we've spent so much money on the adoption, and she would not meet our deductible this year … so we wait. 


Started her on rice cereal Thursday.  She is swallowing beautifully.  And taking quite a bit.  I think.  This ought to help her chunk up even more. 


I have heard stories about how babies coming from Liberia have major, stinky blow out diapers.  Well, our Precious is complying there too.  Pretty normal if you ask me.  And she is compliant as far as the 6 hour time difference too.  She made the switch to American time so easy. 


Her first full day as an America citizen, we took her to vote.  Yes, I have a picture but it's on the camera that I don't know how to get on the computer.  Soon… I promise. 


I have to tell you, the first time I changed her diaper I had to wonder where her bottom is… she has none!  But she has cutie toes and fingers.  She also has a little birthmark on her foot.  So does Bubba.. he thought that was pretty cool. 


She got her first bath here today.  I wasn't sure how to take her precious cornrow braids out, so I waited for Shane.  Decided to just put a barette in it for now so I could see what it looked like.  She looks like a wild child.  Not sure we'll do that again.  But for now…


Those few friends and family that have seen her comment about how tiny and how cute she is (even those at the store while we were out the other day, comment about how cute she is). 


We are so blessed.  Pictures… I promise soon. 



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  1. I’ve been watching and waiting for an update! So glad to hear that she is doing well and that you are getting to relish in some ‘firsts’ with your new daughter. I can’t wait for pictures!!!!!!!!!!


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