Princess Enjoying Math

For years, and I mean years, Princess has despised math.  I goofed.  For first grade I used Miquion.  After the year was over I realized my mistake.  I am a math reject myself.  I should have chosen something with detailed instructions. Like Horizons, or Abeka. 

The next year we used Horizons, then Rod and Staff (that was the year Little Bit came home and I wanted everything the same) then Saxon.  She hated Saxon.  Said she didn't want to do it again.  This summer we did Math It.  And we tried Ray's this year, but it wasn't working either.  I was about at my wits end.   

I had ruined my daughter's math abilities. …

Well, that is until now. 

We got one of those post card packs for homeschoolers in the mail a couple of months ago.  I had seen Calculaddar several times before and thought about trying it.  I had finally  hit bottom and called Shane.  He said “order it” 


She's been doing the drills daily.  The first several took her about 10 sheets to make it through, but she did the last level in 1 try!  What a difference.  She is now flying through the drills and doe not dread doing Math anymore.  We even went back to Saxon. She is starting over in 5/4 but that's okay.  I'm excited to see what her next test scores reveal.  Hooray! 



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