Straight Up; A Book Review

A few weeks ago I got a book in the mail.  Honestly, I had forgotten that I had said that I would review it.  But it was a nice break from some heavier reading and the waiting.  Straight Up by Lisa Samson wrote a great novel with a message.  Not one of those mushy, gushy “Christian romance novel”  Which I greatly appreciate. 


It is about 2 cousins Georgia and Fairly.  They have both been dealt hard blows in life.  The only family left is Uncle Gregory.  An ecentric hippy type Christian that tries to encourage them to the right path.  Thrown in the mix is Georgia's husband who wants to reunite with her, but she wants nothing of him.  Georgia enjoys the bottle more than life itself.  Well, I'm afraid if I say much more, I'll give the story line away.  The ending has an interesting, unexpected twist. 


I really enjoyed reading Straight Up  and recommend it for anyone looking for some light reading that has a message.  I think I'll have to see if I can find some of her other novels.