Finally Pictures

Yes, I know it has taken a whole week to get some pictures of our beautiful Precious on the blog.  In addition to things being crazy adding a 6th person to our family….


The children are still taking turns at the stomach virus.  No, last Monday when Shane and Precious was coming home wasn't just nerves.  So far Little bit has had it 3 times, Bubba twice and Princess just got it for the first time today.  Trying to keep it from Shane and I and the baby.


Also, my Dad was here over the weekend– here on business, but got some pleasure in too. 


Apparently, when a child is adopted, they immediately make you a citizen.  So Precious's first full day as a U.S. citizen we took her to vote. 


Here are a couple more.  Don't you know that Bubba just loves his little sister?



Shane got to see her sit up for the first time on the beach in Monrovia



Here's one close up



Princess is such a big help.  She is learning to be a Momma. 




Look for an invitation to meet her.  We'll be posting info soon. We welcome anyone that has been a part of our journey.   Yes Auntie Heather bring Uncle Eric and the entire clan from CA– we'd love to have ya!  LOL! 


6 thoughts on “Finally Pictures

  1. she is adorable!! The kids just obviously adore her, hopefully you’ll get lots of help then:-) My oldest who is 8yr will change his 2yr old brother’s dirty diapers!!! train them now:-) LOL!!!
    I am so glad she made it home. She will just thrive now under your love and care. God is so good!!


  2. Thanks for posting these photos. I can’t believe how much this little girl has grown since you first posted a picture. She looks healthy and beautiful.

    Thanks also for you kind words of support on my not so good, very bad day. I am better now and remember that God is sovereign even in international adoptions. Isn’t it wierd, I used to love to get photos of the kids, but now most months these pictures are just reminders of what I have missed.


  3. she is your precious! thanks for sharing the pictures. love talking to you, thank you so much for the call. got your email and will email soon.. still overwhelmed here, good thing the boys routine are 80% in place, still working on a few glitches in our schedule. hopefully things will stabilize after thanksgiving. i love hearing your voice, it is so warm and very encouraging. i am glad you understand my filipino english and iloveyou, melanie =)


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