Quick Prayer Update

Thank you for all the prayers!  Things yesterday went better than we expected.  We found out the counselor is very reputable and doesn’t think too much of the state foster care system either. 


Then counselor agreed with us, if she has what she has been diagnosed with, he wouldn’t allow his children around it either.  He doesn’t think she does so they are having this young lady re-evaluated.  We have a few weeks then we will have to decide what to do. 


We told this family from the beginning, that if there was sexual abuse in any of their foster children’s past our children would not be allowed to be around them.  This will be a difficult decision for us to make.  Honestly one we feel we shouldn’t have to make, but we are wrong and they are right.  (see below to understand better). 


Also, there are MANY other things that are issues with this family that we’ve been living with for the last several years.  It may be time to address those with a 3rd party present.  Any time in the past we have tried talking to them, it’s been all our fault and none of theirs.  We aren’t doing that any more. 


For now, the immediate situation has been relieved, but it won’t go away for long.  What a mess!