Answers in Genesis Mike Riddle Comes to Town

What a treat we were priviledged with this weekend.  A church in a nearby community had Mike Riddle from AIG in to speak Sunday morning, evening and tonight.  He also spoke to school aged children today, but no way we could go with Precious sickly.  Shane came home and got the older 3 and went to hear him again tonight. 


Honestly, I had never heard of Mr. Riddle when I first heard about him coming.  But I knew if AIG sent him, he'd have to be good.  Not only was he good, but he was exceptional.  Our children loved him! And they learned so much!  So did Mom.  It seemed he had some admiration for our children too. It ended up beign a pretty small group, so after every lesson, our children sought him out to visit, and ask questions.  He acted as though he thoroughly enjoyed it and Shane said, tonight, he sought them out.  How neat, huh? 


 Not only was he entertaining, but he was informative as well.   He taught us how to talk to an evolutionist, by asking 4 questions that point him/her back to the gospel.  Tonight, the children learned about “one blood”  how there is only one race– human.  And how evolution breeds racism.   Wouldn't surprise me if my sweet daughter or bold son, used what they learned from Mr. Riddle on someone in the near future. 


If you are anywhere near where he is speaking, I strongly encourage you to go.  You will not be disappointed. 


And Mr. Riddle, if you so happen by my blog (ha, ha, ha) you have 3 new little friends (and their parents, and new little baby sister) in a little MO town outide of Kansas city they hold you in high regard.    God bless you!