Stomach Flu Continues… Updated

This morning Precious woke up as happy and chipper as ever.  Then an hour later, she vomited her entire bottle.  Thankfully, she had the short version of the stomach flu.  Shane called the “Ask a Nurse” line and we took their advice.  Feeding her a Tablespoon or so of formula about every 2 hours.  Watching for dehydration. 

Did you know they make Tylenol suppositories for babies (and adults) that are vomiting?   No worries with keeping it down.  Unfortunately, our little pharmacy in town doesn't carry it.  But they could order it and I'd have it tomorrow… a day too late.  Shane brought some home this evening to have on hand if we need it.   (Thank you my great friend Tami for running for me, so I wouldn't have to get Precious out today– you're a Godsend and we did end up using the infant drops). 


She also ran a fairly high fever off and on through out the day, but a cold washcloth on the forehead brought it down quickly. 


She drank almost a full bottle about 3:00 this afternoon, and another one this evening.  Tonight, she went to bed happy again.  Full of smiles, bounces and jabbering.  I think tomorrow, she'll be as good as new. 




Precious was up in the night with a 104.5 fever.  But still hungry.  After calling the nurse line again. We were told that these days they don't even recommend Tylenol until the fever reaches 102.  And there is really no concern until the fever reaches and stays at 105, or if it won't come down.  Have things changed that much in the last 7 years?  (which would have been when Bubba was born). 


She woke up a while ago happy, and perky.  And if she has a fever, it's not much of one at all.  Of course she did that last night too.  She went back to sleep. 


One very tired Mommy waiting to see…


One thought on “Stomach Flu Continues… Updated

  1. probiotics? if you have time (hahaha….like moms have time when kids are sick)…check out or and check on some home remedies for stomach virus. You probably need to work on her intestines (I am not a pro at this), and get good bacteria in it… in Taiwan probiotics are expensive, but worth it in my opinion. If she is hungry keep the fluids coming. Praying for your children.


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