Precious feeling better and life

Last night the fever broke.  Today Precious “sweet cheeks” is back to her normal, bouncing happy self.  And eating us out of house and home.  Today, she hardly wanted a bottle– “just feed me cereal”  so I did, and I did, and I did.  Then Shane did when he got home. 


She loves the “Johnny Jump Up”



The other 3 played outside a good portion of the day– it was more like spring, than fall.  About 65 degrees I think.  Beautiful.  Bubba can sit for 2 hours and not finish one page of math.  It's not that he doesn't like math, he just dawdles.  He dawdles on copywork too.  I haven't been able to convince him yet, that it is better to work that it is to sit.  Today, they Princess and Bubba were done by 10:30 am.  Amazing!! 


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