Anything Goes

With the swearing in of  Keith Ellison telling us tha the will be sworn in to office using a Koran instead of the Bible I can now saw dishearteningly that we are no longer a Christian nation.  Oh sure, we haven't been a “Christian nation” for sometime even though George Barna polls show that the majority of Americans call themselves Christians.  But this nation was founded on Christianity and this just makes me sick.  I agree with this article about the situation.   Let Mr. Ellison read whatever book he wishes in private.  But if you're stepping into a public role, take the oath on the Bible.  Or, as one commentor on this site said, take the oath without a Bible, or any book.   Be warned the site mentioned is NOT a christian site, so there is some language.  Dennis Prager also has some interesting thoughts.   Mr. Ellison should not be allowed to TELL us what book he will use.  This is a standing tradition from the very early days of our country. 


This is just another tear in the fabric of America.   This is just another effort at “multiculturalism.”  What we truly need in America is a return back to “one” culturism.  I mentioned going to hear Mike Riddle at Answers in Genesis at a local church a week or so ago.  AIG has it right!  We are all one blood!  Human. Years ago, this nation was known as the melting pot — no longer!  Now we try as hard as possible to seperate ourselves from everyone else.  “African-American” “Polish-American” “American Indian” etc., etc., etc.


When did it start?  Hmmmm.  Me thinks it started with Charles Darwin.  Do you know the full name of his book “Origin of Species”?  It is “On the Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection, or the Preservation of Favoured Races in the Struggle for Life”  


Looking at the complete title of the book, we see that Mr. Darwin is a full fledged racist! Not to mention that he was also an advocate of murder to those who did not meet his guidelines.  (What do you think “natural selection is?) You can be assured his favorite race wasn't the “African race” or any race other than the race of his choosing. Mr. Darwin was a racist! And our secular schools are teaching his theories as fact and our secular schools are raising citizens that have no regard for anything but themselves. 


When you have a generation or two that believe they evolved from monkeys this is what you get.  No regard for God, the Bible or the human race.  No regard for anything else.  The majority of people living today do not know that they are “fearfully and wonderfully made”  They believe they came from a blob that evolved from a monkey!  Oh forgive me, even the abortionists today admit  that the blob is a baby, yet, it is the “mother's right to choose” 


Getting off my soapbox and my bunny trail now.