The Weather Outside is Frightful

For those of you who don't know, the Kansas City metro area is receiving it's first snow of the year.  It took Shane over 3 hours to get home from work today.  He left early and got home later than usual.  This is usually an hour and 5 minute trip.  Some forecasters are calling for up to 16″ depending on where in the metro you live.  Shane brought home his call list and can lock himself in the bedroom if the weather is still bad tomorrow.  But we have tickets to the Gaither Homecoming tomorrow night, sure hope the roads will be better by then. 


The children of course are beside themselves with thoughts of getting out in it tomorrow.  I sure hope it warms up a little the wind chill today was about 5 degrees.   The chickens didn't even come out today. 


Shane and a friend from church have been working on putting a woodstove in our home.  They finished it Monday evening.  Shane did some caulking/sealing last night when he finally got home (we had ice last night–took him about 2 hours to get home then) and we had our first fire last night.  It kept our home nice and cozy today.  In fact, it's downright warm in the living room.  The bedrooms are cool, but will be nice to sleep in. 


“the fire is so delightful” … “let it snow, let it snow, let it snow”