AAA to the rescue/ Christimas and other thoughts

After being stuck at home all night last night, Shane woke up this morning with the solution.  Our AAA membership!  He said it dawned on him at 1:00 am while he was feeding Precious.  So out comes the wonderful tow-truck driver, Patrick.  Poor guy said he'd worked 35 hours straight right after the snowstorm hit.  He has tomorrow off and said he was going to enjoy spending time with his family.   He was great!  In fact, he went above and beyond the call of duty so much so, that we gave him a package of Liberian coffee that Shane had brought back and Shane called AAA back to tell them how wonderful he was.  In fact he was so good that he even called us back to see if the problem with the van ended up being the battery.  How is that for service?   The van did need a new battery.  I now have a 3 year battery for $20 because the other one wasn't even a year old, they gave us full credit.   Shane went for the battery after they dug his car out since it was going to be at least a 2 hour wait at Wally world for them to change it. 


Maybe I should have taken pictures.  Imagine… gray van at the end of the driveway,  in fact blocking the driveway.  Shane's car charcoal 4 door Saturn on the side of the house in the yard between the house and the “barn”  if you can call it that.  It actually had been in the road at one point Friday morning, but alas, he couldn't get down the road so back in the drive and stuck in the yard.  It took Shane, I and Patrick pushing and pushing to get the van unstuck and moved out of the way and then it took some time for them to get Shane's car out.  There were a couple of hairy moments when the car inched toward the light pole and electrical box and then went it inched toward the front of the van and finally when it inched toward the ditch.  But they did get it out.   Poor guy worked up a sweat trying to take care of us. 


I got our bi-monthly shopping done this afternoon.  Boy was Wally World ever packed.  I like going at 8:00am so much better.  We got our Subway tonight.   And while I was gone Daddy and the children straightened the house, including Bubba's bedroom.  It no longer looks like a tornado went through, just a major wind gust.  I'm feeling better tonight.  We have laid some new ground rules with the children and have regrouped.  Getting out of the house helped


The roads are clear and for the most part dry. 


I do have pictures of the children playing in the snow. Even one of Precious.  And one of Princess and Bubba with the neighbor's duck.  Don't ask how they caught it.  I have no idea!  The chickens have been hibernating.  And the 2 turkeys that didn't become Thanksgiving dinner are still living.  I truly wondered after all the snow we got.   I'll try to post them tomorrow. 


Shane got out the Christmas tree, I need to go straighten the limbs. I love real trees, but the fake ones are so much easier.  We'll decorate it tomorrow night and have eggnog and then watch White Christmas.  We started Advent last week.  It has been a yearly tradition for about 5 or 6 years.  We also do the Family Life Today “Adornaments”  We also make each other inexpensive homemade gifts to exchange on Christmas eve to help us focus on the real spirit of the holiday. 


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