Rough Day

Subway did not happen last night.  One car stuck by the side of the house, and the other with a dead battery at the end of the driveway.   And Shane's old truck wouldn't start in this weather anyway so no need to even try.  They neighbor came in across the street while Shane was out with the hood up.  Did they stop to see if they could help?  NOOOOO!  Nice town we live in, huh?  Unfortunately, it's pretty normal for around here though.


The charger's been on my van all night.  We'll see if it did any good later this morning.  Today's my shopping day … will I shop or won't I shop? At this point, who knows?   Sorry the Gaither's got stuck but with a dead battery we wouldn't have made it and we all would have been disappointed with that.  At least we'll get another chance in March. 


We also thought we had dishwasher woes yesterday.  I got ready to unload yesterday morning.  (Usually Princess's job, but she was out in the snow) and the light that is usually on to tell us that they are clean wasn't on… in fact, there was no light.  But, there was water standing in the bottom.  Uh-Oh.  “Oh Honey,” All you ladies know THAT “Oh Honey” call don't you?  And all you men dread THAT “Oh Honey” call.   Shane pulled it out and found that the dishwasher itself had been sitting on the water line for 3 years. Thankfully no leaks.  I could not for the life of me remember how my Dad had wired it in.  But it was wired in an easy to get to place and apparently some of the said wires had come loose.  Easy to fix! Yeah! 


Since Wednesday night when we lit our first fire in the woodstove I've been feeling a bit “pioneery” I made chili Wed. night in my cast iron kettle and beef stew Thursday night in the same kettle.   But let me tell you— I was NOT looking forward to handwashing dishes, and bottles and bottles and dishes.  Or to having the children do it.  Bubba LOVES to wash, but makes the biggest mess.  Thank you Lord for saving us from that!  Last night frozen pizza and ribs with tots.  Okay, Shane made it, but I'm definately out of the “pioneery” mood.  Although the wood stove is very nice!


Shane finally got to see how how of control the boys; can be.  And HE started putting a stop to it yesterday.  Bubba ended up doing 4 pages of math before it was all over!  Little Bit practiced standing in the corner with his nose in it for quite some time.  See, he decided a few months ago that he didn't want to learn to read.  He is more than ready, and was doing great.  Then he decided that this was something he could be in control of, so he pulled out one of his many talents that he came to our home with… “master manipulator.”  So we were spending hours getting him through one lesson of “100 easy lessons”.  So now while I'm working with the others, or with Precious, Little Bit sneaks off and does things,or gets into things that he shouldn't.  One of the latest… using the holepuncher on one of my two plants and ruining several leaves. Not really a big deal, but just another one of those things that he does that he knows better about and shouldn't be doing.  He thought it would be “fun”.  Since the time he entered our home, he has always been a problem.  In 3 years he's come a long, long, long, long way, but still a problem.  At this point, I've forgotten what normal 5 year old behavior is so I don't know if this is it or if it is exaggerated.  I think exaggerated.  And furthermore, Instead of Bubba being a good influence on him, Little bit has been a very, very bad influence on Bubba!   Now with the arrival of Tabitha both of them are feeling jealous and we have had some issues the last couple of weeks or so.   So, we're going back to square one and basically starting over.  The worst part of it all is I know they both now how to behave.  But they won't behave!   Shane says I haven't told him how bad things really were at home, but I'm not sure.  I thought I had made it pretty clear… but maybe not.  I know he has a lot on his mind too and really didn't want to put additional stress on him.  This is one of the areas where we could use the in-laws help, but alas…..  no help there… only more problems. 


Do you ever feel sometimes that you're just getting a good beating?  I know it's not God.  Satan sure is working in this house lately.  Thankfully, almost always in times like this Shane and I draw closer to each other and to God.  But I feel like I'm battered and bruised.   And am wondering how long we'll have to endure it.  And I'm frustrated and angry about it all.  And it seems that very few of our problems have solutions… and if they do, they aren't easy solutions.   Guess I need to pull out Bill Gothard's anger resolution stuff again. 


O Lord how long????? Rescue us from this miry pit. Even if we've dug it ouselves.  Help us in our stupidity called being human.  Give us your grace and mercy.  Help our home be what you want it to be. 






One thought on “Rough Day

  1. Sorry to hear everything is so rough lately. I know how that is.

    If it makes you feel any better, my 6yo acts similarly to your description of your 5yo. He’s been so much harder to train and discipline than his 2 older brothers. Yet at the same time, I’ve always had his heart to a greater extent than either of his brothers’. I’m not quite sure what to make of that?

    You’re in my prayers!

    Blessings ~ Diane


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