We’re Back

Whew!  We leave town for a few days to come to back to everything’s different on homeschoolblogger!  I think I like it, but it will take some getting usted to. 

Our trip was really nice.  We walked around the campus where Shane and I went to college all day Wednesday and popped in on some of our professors and friends.  Everyone was as friendly as ever, but they sure tried to "sell" FHU on our children.  Every single person mentioned Princess being ready to come to Freed before long.  We’ll see, but probably not.  Our ideas sure have changed in the last 12 years on things like this. 

Thursday we headed toward Nashville and met my Mom.  She spent time with the 3 older children while Shane and I with Precious headed to the Nashville Bott Radio station.  Very nice– if you’re in the Nashville area be sure to tune in and if you have a business, or know of a business, that would be a good match for advertising, give them a call.  You can find them at www.bottradionetwork.com 

The couple of days with my Mom was normal.  She led and we followed.  Opryland hotel was beautiful.  The mall for window shopping was boring.  And I won’t even tell you what she found behind the dresser at the hotel that she thought I should take home, wash in hot water and wear for Shane.   

We spent a delightful Saturday afternoon with my Aunt and Uncle and got the opportunity to meet my Aunt’s parents.  My Uncle’s career was in the country music industry.  He doesn’t have a name you’d recognize, but he is well known among  people like Dolly Parton, The Gatlins, and so many others.   He played guitar for Elvis in the early days, and at the Grand Ole Opry.   Some of you may remember the song "I Can Help"?  It was sung by one hit wonder Billy Swan in 1976.  My Uncle played the great guitar rift in the middle of the song.  I’m aging myself, but I was only about 10 at the time.  He played some for us Saturday, but not enough.  Of course they all thought the children were wonderful.  They had not even met Little Bit yet.  Precious did allow herself to be held some, but not much.

Yes, our time together was truly was delightful!  Relaxing and just a precious time together.  Sunday morning, we met them at church and then we out for lunch.  That in itself is amazing!  30 years ago on a Sunday morning– okay Sunday afternoon,  I would have been running beer to my Dad and him as they worked on the farm somewhere.  Sunday morning we’d be having a big farm breakfast and reading the newspaper and just hanging out.   When I asked him at lunch how God found him, he said "Diane" (his wonderful wife of 16 years).  We ended up crying together and hoping one day that my dad would be sitting with us after church  some Sunday in the future.  God is good.  We didn’t get home and unloaded until midnight Sunday night, but it was well worth it! 

We were invited back in warmer weather so they could take us to the zoo.  And when we all weren’t as busy so we could spend even more time together.  You can bet, we’ll take them up on the offer.

Pictures coming soon– I promise!