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****The other day, our preacher emailed a note that one of our families at church doesn’t have a home phone anymore.  They each have a cell phone and asked us to make the appropriate changes on the church directory. In fact, the church directory  has Shane and I listed with seperate phone numbers, even though one of the phone numbers is our home phone.  I have no idea how they even got my cell phone number to list it in the church directory.  Several families at church have seperate cell phone numbers and no home phone.  We have other friends that only have seperate cell phones and no home phone.  I have to wonder….  if this isn’t somehow seperating us even more.  Shane and I are pretty good at talking about things.  He always makes sure I know if he’s going to be taking a female client to lunch, or if one of the ladies at work needs a ride somewhere.  But with no home phone it would be very easy to get calls from people that Shane would never know about…

We have so much separation in marriage anymore without even more things seperating us.  Yes, Shane and I both have cell phones.  His for work.  We are very particular about who has the numbers.   Yes, it would still be possible for Shane or I to "hide" calls from the other, but not as easy.

Maybe this is silly to be thinking about, but I have to wonder… anybody got any thought?

****Another thing that I have been wondering about, especially since finding out some inside story to the Walmart thing, is how far do we go when boycotting places of business.  I get stuff all the time from AFA action alert.  Sometimes what they are asking for is good stuff.  But can we   boycott every bad thing that comes along.  We have to pick and choose our battles carefully.  I’m glad for the information, but sometimes I think it is to the point of ridiculous.  Like today’s, for example. 

 Would You Be Willing To Boycott Stores Which Refuse To Allow The Word ‘Christmas’ To Be Displayed?

The email mentions stores like "Gap" "Old Navy" and "Banana Republic" stores that I haven’t been inside of in years. They want us to take a poll.  Their one question…

Would you be willing to boycott stores which refuse to allow the word "Christmas" to be displayed?

In my opinion, they are not asking for enough information.   They need to ask if we buy from these stores now.   I might be willing to boycott them, but if I don’t buy from them to begin with, what difference will it make? 

Yes, I want to say "Merry Christmas" and be told "Merry Christmas" I want to see the birth of Jesus magnified at this time of year when some are thinking about it.  But if they don’t say "Merry Christmas" I still can say it to them.  And maybe those are the ones that need to hear it.  Again, anyone got any thoughts?


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  1. I think the whole fuss over Merry Christmas is a bit silly. Shouldn't Christians have bigger issues? With homosexual marraige legal in certain states, thousands of babies aborted each year and immorality rampant even in the church why is Merry Christmas the fight of choice for Christian leaders? Could it be because attacking Walmart is easier than dealing with out and out sin?


  2. Never thought about the whole cell phone thing, but I think you're right. It does allow for secrecy to go on. If it makes you feel better we still have a home phone and just in the last few months got a cell phone. Only one, for emergencies.


  3. I wanted to invite you out to the Merry CHRISTmas Carnival of FUNschooling on my blog today. Stop by when you have a chance.



  4. I feel. We have one, though many here don't. I personally don't get it. I have a cell phone, I don't really use it. I honestly think they can be kinda rude….you know, you are talking to someone and their phone rings and they jump to answer it and there goes your train of thought and the moment. Honestly, I usually have to ring my cellphone to find out where it is:-)
    about boycotting………it is a good idea but there are more important issues. If families Biblically taught their children, stood up for right and stomped out the wrong IN THEIR OWN home, I feel we wouldn't have these many problems. I bet that there are lots of companies that people would be shocked if they really knew who supported them or where their money went.
    That is like here, I don't GO to the local Buddhist temple and buy fruits there, but most people I buy from are Buddhist. If we find a Christian seller, we definetly try to buy from them. We also don't make a big deal of the whole thing either. I think that in many cases, it does more harm than good.


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