I can’t believe it!

During all this stuff with HSB I had my 10,000 visitor!!!!   I had planned on offering a prize.  Drats.  I guess I’ll just have to offer it for the 10,100 visitor instead.  If you are the 10,100 visitor (and I can figure out how to figure it out) Or, if you realize you are the 10,100 visitor email me.  I will offer…. something.  Not sure yet.  Last time I checked  I was a few hundred short and thought I had time.  Oh well.  I’ll find something hopefully worthwhile to send you. 


2 thoughts on “I can’t believe it!

  1. I just checked and your site meter is a 10,218…so what are you gonna do NOW?! 🙂 That's what you get for being so popular!



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