RSS Feed Please

It seems I have some new friends.  Since Precious came home, I  haven’t had much time to hit the random button, or to see who’s on my friends list.  I have been reading through Google Reader for a few months now.  There are some on my reader that are not on my friends list and some on my friends list that I can’t put on my reader.   I am missing reading some of my friends that I would like to be able to read. 

If you don’t have your RSS feed turned on, I can’t put you on my google reader, and that means I can’t keep up with you.  You know the work smarter not harder principle?  Right now I MUST work smarter, not harder.  Please turn your RSS feed on.   Sometimes yet, it won’t show up as a link on your blog and you’ll need to do it manually.  That is finally what I had to do (although it was before all the improvements to HSB).  Turn on your RSS feed, copy the feed and then paste it in your links. 

I promise to try my best to get back to my friends page to see if your RSS feed is on your blog.  I look forward to getting to know all my new friends.