Church Update


We still feel that we will be leaving our current congregation pretty soon. The end of January is now the plan.  Until recently, we thought the end of the year, but neither of us feel we can yet.  They gave us a really nice "Meet Precious" shower a couple of weeks ago. They are a very loving church-just misdirected.   Shane is still studying the infant baptism issue.  We have since ordered Vision Forum’s CD set to listen to.  We were told it was great to give both sides of the issue.  This is something Shane will decide and I am perfectly content with whatever side he is led to follow.  We wonder if we will not be ready to leave our current church until he has landed on this issue.  There is a church listed on the Vision Forum website that looks promising.  It is a reformed family integrated church, but right now it only has 3 families.  However, this family is not new to church planting and that encourages us.  They are going slow and purposeful and are members of CREC.  It is a little farther than we are going now, but now out of the realm of possible.  Shane would like to visit.