Interesting Sermon

Yesterday was our last Sunday at our current congregation.  We didn’t mean for it to be.  In fact, until yesterday we were pretty sure that God was wanting us to stay at least the end of January.  For those of you following this, maybe you’ll remember that we thought God would release us either in September or January.  Shane didn’t feel the time was right in September since Precious wasn’t home yet.  And they just had a welcome home shower for Precious a couple of weeks ago.   So we thought we’d be there for at least another month.  Instead God said "time to go". 

Yesterday’s sermon bordered on heresy.  The preacher denied the depravity of man and said that he believed all the people "sitting out [in the congregation] are basically good people"  I can say with certainty that NONE of us are!  I know I’m a sinful being.  Incapable of being good without the blood of Jesus to cover my sins.  Even Precious has shown her self-will.  There were several other things said, but fortunately I had a sweet baby on my lap so a lot of what was preached didn’t fully sink in until later.  Shane will usually offer to take Precious, but he knew that it would be better for me to not be able to focus on what preacher was saying. 

Funny, 2 weeks ago Shane preached on the sinfulness of man.  Sunday’s sermon totally contradicted Shane’s lesson.  Wonder if anybody else picked up on it. 

Shane has the task of informing the leadership– please pray for God to give him wisdom.  He will also have the task of  looking for a new church home.  We have not really been settled in a church home since the age integrated church disbanded 3 1/2 years ago.  We’ve been at this church a little over 2 years. 

This week we think we’ll visit a congregation that has been so good to us.  Praying for Precious faithfully since we heard of her.  It might be a possibility for a permenant home, only time will tell.  We’ve been wanting to get back there since Precious came home, but this coming week is the first Sunday that could have been a possibility. 

Well, that’s it.  We’re church homeless again.