Meet Mr. & Mrs. Excitement (and Family)

Not!  The older I get the more advantages I see to staying home. 

We spent New years eve watching "Akeela and the Bee"  and then part of "Pride and Prejudice"  and eating popcorn.  What a great testimony to homeschooling.  Not "P&P" but "Akeela and the Bee" that’s basically what happened.  Akeela was tutored for the spelling bee and it counted as credit for summer school.   If you haven’t seen it, it is one of the few movies that I can highly recommend.  ***Be aware though, Akeela is from the ‘hood and the language in the beginning esp. is a little intense.  (also some rap).   It is definately in context, which I can tolerate better than being there just for the "fun" of it but you’ll want to know***

When we were a part of the age-integrated church several years ago, we always had a New Years Eve party at some friends house.  The highlight of the evening was praying in the New Year.  We’d start about 10 til midnight and finish after everyone had prayed.  We did this last night as a family.  Well, everyone but Little Bit (fell asleep during P&P) and of course Precious went to bed at close to her normal time.  It was a nice way to ring in the new year.  We actually started a little before midnight because Bubba remembered one year where we saw the ball drop at Times Square and the children wanted to watch it.  Then we had some sparking juice and went to bed.  It was so nice to not have to drive home from somewhere.  It might even become a new tradition.   

Yesterday we went to church– was late as seems to be usual lately.  And had Shane’s family Christmas (with his Aunts and Uncles)  Seems like no one wanted to stay very long– that was the fastest I can remember doing Christmas with them in a long time. 

Today, I painted the back of our front door.  It is a six panel door.  In the left middle panel I painted "As for me and my house we will serve the LORD" in the right " Love the Lord your God" then I painted vines around the edges.  The writing itself didn’t show up too well, it was a plum color on a brown door.  Then in rose, I painted the fruits of the spirit around the outside edges.  They show up very well.  The door itself is in pretty sad shape.  It needs to be replaced but who has the money?  ha!  For now it looks better. 

Tomorrow Shane goes back to work after almost 2 weeks home on vacation.  It was a good time.  We really enjoyed having him here and hate to see him go back.  I’ll admit though, I’m a little nervous since we haven’t been on much of a schedule, the children have eaten more sugar than they have in a long, long time, and we are starting back to school and have speech therapy for Little Bit tomorrow.  I have also decided I have to get back to a more systematic schedule.  So tomorrow we start working on MOTH again.  Even if we just do it for 2 hours in the morning I’ll be happy.  

Praying that all of you have a blessed and happy new year. 



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