I Feel Good!

While Shane was off work, it gave me some time to think.  With Shane home, there was no schedule.  Now, we haven’t "worked" a schedule for some time–if ever.  Oh, I have a schedule in my mind that we followed pretty well, but even before Shane being home,  but it really wasn’t working.  I was frazzled and felt chaotic.  So last week, about Friday, I decided that I needed to put MOTH (www.titus2.com) in action.  It’s been hanging on the wall since August.  Well, today we did it!!!!!!  Everything didn’t go perfect, but it helped us stay focused and on the task of the 1/2 hour.  We did skip personal Bible study time, but we are going to listen to a Woodroll Kroll or something like that on the way in for Little Bit’s speech therapy.  We also won’t get the Ambleside reading done while we’re at home, but we’ll take it with and do it while Little Bit is in therapy.  (Yes, we’re all reading from year 1– to much trouble to have the younger 2 in Year 1 and the oldest in another year.  Princess doesn’t mind– she is enjoying several of the books we are working through)

I can see where some adjusting needs to be made and have already moved my squares to make a couple of changes, we’ll try tomorrow.  I also used a timer to keep us focused on the 30 minutes.  What a big help that was .   (have I told you how much I miss the assortment of smileys that were available before the update?)

Shane and I are doing morning devotionals from a book based on the writings of John Calvin.  Already, I can see how it is going to be helpful in starting my day off right.  No fluff, meat to think on for the day.  I even shared with the children during our family devotionals about what Dad and Mom read this morning.   I am embarrassed to admit that it has been a long time since Shane and I have done anything like this on a regular basis.  Mainly because he leaves the house at 6:30am and he didn’t want me to have to get up with him that early.  I’m getting about 6ish. 

I also walked for the first time today since Precious came home.  I didn’t pull out the George Foreman– I wanted to walk through the day, not crawl.  So I did the 1 mile power walk.  It’s about 20 minutes long.  For now, that might have to do.