When the Chicken’s not Done– What Do You Do?

Hmmmm.  This morning, I put a chicken in the crock pot.  This evening, I was getting ready to dish out dinner, and the chicken wasn’t done.   The noodles, the veggies and the rolls were ready.  Everyone was hungry.  This was  one of our bigger chickens (that we butchered earlier this year) so I guess that’s why it hadn’t cooked thoroughly.   Our recreation envelope is exhausted, since Shane and I went on our first date without the children since Precious came home.  So now….

What to do? 

Pork cutlets dredged in flour, browned in an iron skillet with a little oil.  A can of mushroom soup mixed with a can of mushrooms and a splash of milk and a splash of worchester sauce, poured over said cutlets.  Simmered on the stove for 30 minutes.  Just enough time for Shane to lead evening family devotional. 

Rated a definate keeper by all family members. 

BTW, the children started getting a little loopy about 4pm.  We worked through it and made it a great day.  Bubba made it with flying colors.  Especially considering how tired he was.   Little Bit is still pushing the limits but after 3 years, we’ve determined it to be a way of life.   Princess’s biggest problem was feeding her vegtables to the dog. 


2 thoughts on “When the Chicken’s not Done– What Do You Do?

  1. That sounds yummy!!! Way to save the day, supermom! 🙂

    The best thing about eating later than you planned is that the kids (and hubby) are STARVING and that always makes them clean their plates, say thank you and smile! hehehee…



  2. Thank you for the comment on my blog, I have visited your blog many times and always enjoy it! Blessings to You!!


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