The “Big” sin– a theory

I have been pondering on this topic, chewing on it if you will.  There have been several circumstances put before us that have made me wonder.  About this topic.  Just what is/are the big "sin/s" ?  Is it adultery, fornication, murder, idolatry, lying, stealing, homosexuality (wooo that’s a biggie, for most of us, right?).  Is it blasphemy, suicide (that has been the biggie in years past).  Is it coveting, , anger, gluttony?(there’s one that we don’t talk much about these days!). 

What is the root of all these sins and others that I didn’t mention?  My theory… selfishness.  Why do we lie, steal, fornicate, murder, overeat, kill ourselves, etc.?  It is because we are selfish beings. 

Go back to the garden with me.  Why did Eve want to eat the fruit from the tree of knowledge of good and evil?  Because she wanted to be "like God" She was selfish.  She didn’t want to wait on God for His good things.  She wanted to take matters into her own hands.  We murder because we "need" a few dollars, or because the person "did me wrong" We get angry because we were unfairly treated.  We over eat because the food tastes so good and "I just can’t stop" Have you ever noticed that pizza and turkey are the 2 worst culprits? lol.   I think they put something in them to make you not be able to stop:)  Homosexuals, fornicaters and adulterers could abstain (at the very least) but they don’t because they want their needs met– again, selfishness.  Why do women not want to submit to their husbands, why do they go out looking for a job to "fulfill" them?  Why don’t men take the lead of their homes?  Selfishness. 

Selfishness, the sin that is the root of all sin.  Hmmmm.  Could that be why the Scriptures talk so much about putting off the old man, and about walking closely with Christ?  If we are walking closely with Christ, our selfishness can be diverted to focus on the true needs of others instead of what we think we "need". 

Just a thought!


2 thoughts on “The “Big” sin– a theory

  1. My brain works like this so I enjoy when other people spend time debating theological issues! CS Lewis argues that pride is the root of our sin problem, but he uses arguments very similar to yours. Recently I heard a sermon that said coveting, the last commandment, was the root of all our problems ~ just don't want what you don't and can't have.

    Matthew 12:31 reports the "big sin" to be blasphemy against the Holy Spirit. If you read the context of this verse, it seems to say that the big one is attributing the visible power of the Holy Spirit to something else.


  2. Carl's Dad has long pointed out selfish and sin both start with S. He believes the two words are almost interchangable. He contends that the more selfcentered a person is the more they sin. He also thinks that the more selfish a person is the harder it is for them to admit sin cause their high level of pride.


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