Books I Am or Have Read Recently and What I’m Listening to

I thought I’d take a minute and list what I’ve been reading lately. 

One I just finished and highly recommend is "Parenting from the Heart"  By Marilyn Boyer.  She is the mother of 14 children.  (I would LOVE to have that many, but I’m not sure I would be sane by the time they were all grown.) We ordered it from Vision Forum, but they have their own website for ordering it and other resources. 

I’m also working my way through Ted Trip book "Sheparding a Child’s Heart"  and have found it interesting, but not as easy to get through as the above mentioned book. 

Around Christmas I read the "Mark of the Lion" series by Francine Rivers.  It’s fiction, but pretty intense.  It takes place in Rome during the time of the gladiator fights. 

I’m also doing "The Power of Motherhood" (Nancy Campbell) study on their yahoo group.  Reading a chapter a week and doing the questions on the group. 

And at least 1-2 other days of the week my hope is to read a chapter of "The Excellent Wife" by Martha Peace.  I’ve had this book for at least a year and haven’t made the time to read it.  However, I find that God’s timing is perfect when this has happened before, so now maybe I am ready for what he’ll use it to show me. 

Shane found me an inexpensive MP3 player for Christmas, so while I’m walking I have been listening to "The White Horse Inn", "John MacArthur" "D.James Kennedy" and others.  I also have an adapter on my car stereo.  The children love Woodrow Kroll, but we are never in the car when he is on– no problem now.  I have also downloaded Hans Brinker and David Copperfield at

I recently listened to Terri Maxwell’s CD on being a submissive wife.  Not sure I agree with her thoughts on all anger being wrong, but I did order S.M. Davis’s series on Anger.  Even though God’s spirit has worked over the years, this is an area where I still struggle.  Bubba has shown signs of anger since he was very little.  I pray that these videos will help both of us resolve the anger within us.   We will all probably sit down and watch these together as it can’t hurt any of us. 

I think that’s about it.