Dry Ice — Science

Shane recently won an Omaha steak package at a local Chamber of Commerce event.   We got our order in for the 4 6oz. ribeyes.  Retail value $100– supposedly.  At that price they ought to be golden.  Anyway, they came Wednesday packed in dry ice.  So after Shane got home, we had a science lesson.  And then last night, we had another one.  The children loved it!  They thought it was the coolest thing.  We talked about how the dry ice "boils" and how it can burn your skin if you touch it without gloves.  How it melts but doesn’t turn into water, but instead into carbon dioxide which is a gas.  Then last night, we Shane tried an experiment that he saw on youtube (search dry ice).  He put some dry ice in a 16.9 oz. bottle with some water in it.  Put the lid on and then put a bucket over the top of it.  It was supposed to shoot the bucket into the air– but ours didn’t work.  You can see some people doing it on you tube, but beware the language may be a little rough.  We talked about how the food in the freezer was still ice, but that the freezer wasn’t cold enough for the dry ice.  We poured boiling water over the dry ice–it makes lots of steam.  We lit a match and watch as the carbon dioxide put it out. They blew on it, acted like they were drinking it and just had a great time with it. 

We’ll hope the steaks taste great, but if not the dry ice was worth it