“You’re a Skimpy Niggle”

We’re having a nice family evening with the freezing rain mix coming down around us.   The children are playing quietly together– ok, not so quietly but getting along well until…

Princess complains to daddy that Bubba called her a "skimpy niggle" 

Us:  What is a skimpy niggle?

Bubba says "It’s in Calvin and Hobbes"

Shane reads as Calvin watching TV home sick from school one day "Oh Mary you look ravishing in that skimpy negligee" 

So that dears is a "skimpy niggle"


3 thoughts on ““You’re a Skimpy Niggle”

  1. Oh Christine, that is TOO funny! I miss when my kids were little and said those funny things!! When Dylan was little and learning his alphabet song, he sang "….h…i….j….k…..I'm a little bee." 😀


  2. That is so funny. Kids say the cutest things.

    I remember when you and Shane wrote about his grandfather's death, and I did see similarities there about their lives. I couldn't bring myself to say anything then because I knew my grandpa's time was coming soon, and I just didn't want to think about it at that time. How can we ever live up to that generation's legacy?

    Blessings ~ Diane


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