A Quote to Make you Think

One of my best friends and I have lunch one day each month, usually the 2nd Friday unless something comes up.  We made this lunch date several years ago and have remained faithful all but a few months.  Her children are older and can watch all of our children together.  And we’re never very far if we’re needed. 

Debbie’s oldest daughter is now 22.  She is a wonderful young lady.  A great human example of what I’d like my daughters to be when they grow up. She was home educated and graduated from Verity (ATI) last spring.  She was offered and took a job as a para at one of the government grade schools.  (BTW, she’s a great catch if you know of any wonderful young men looking for a wife).  

Debbie and I went to pick her up after school and on the way home we were discussing how sad it is when she asks the children what they are doing with their weekend.  "I"m going to my Dad’s" or "I’m going to my Mom’s"  is commonplace.  That spurred a discussion about the plight of women and children in society today.  This young lady quoted Albert Einstein:

"Great spirits have always found violent opposition

from mediocrities. The later cannot understand it when

the other does not thoughtlessly submit to hereditary

prejudices but honestly and courageously uses his


How right Mr. Einstein was.   This is why people have such a problem with us homeschoolers.  We do not thoughtlessly submit to hereditary prejudices and we do try  to use our intelligence to teach our children the truth. 

It’s elementary dear Watson.