Convection/Jet Stream Oven

Shane and I have been reading up on these ovens.  And have become more and more convinced that microwave ovens aren’t the best thing going.   Lately, everytime I use mine to heat up something (which I’m doing less and less of).  I think about how much nutrition I’m zapping away.  Among other things. 

I had been thinking a toaster oven would be nice anyway and then I ran across something on jet stream oven.  I thought it would be even better, especially in the summer months.  And even during the winter months now with Florida in our living room, who needs the big oven to heat the house!?!  Then I realized that a jet stream oven appears to be a round convection oven. 

Soooo, I ‘ve been looking and now I’m wanting your feedback.  Does anyone have either of these?  Can you tell me what you like about yours, what you don’t like?  If anyone has had both, can you tell me the differences?  Advantages of one over the other?  Which one you like better?  We are not wanting to spend a lot of money on this; especially at first– what if we don’t like it? 

I’ve found a jet stream oven at Target , and a convection oven at amazon that get pretty good reviews.  Both for under $70.  (We’re also still paying for Precious and unless we win the lottery, highly unlikely since we don’t even play– haha, we will be for some time) 

If we like it then we’ll look to take a step up when the first one wears out.   Okay ladies– tell me what I need to know because I’m really confused in all this!


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  1. I am having misgivings about the microwave too. I have a Consumer Report for 2007. I'll look for info in it about jet ovens. Might be good!


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