God Don’t See No Color

Several years ago, in college, I spent some time in the inner city in Memphis doing mission work there with a local church.  I LOVED it and thought I’d spend part of my life working in the inner city.  But God had other plans– back to my point…

One of the sayings that the church there used  is:

"God don’t see no color"

Several people that lived in the ‘hood said it to me as we would walk through and invite people to church, "power hour" for the children, or ask them if they’d like to study the Bible. 

I mentioned that saying recently on the Acres of Hope Yahoo group and have gotten some negative feedback for it. 

"I’ve been thinking about an earlier post on the race subject saying that "God don’t see no color." I understand the intention of the sentiment, that God doesn’t have a preference for one race over another, but God is not colorblind. If that were the case we’d be living a a world of gray. Teaching our children that their skin color "doesn’t matter" to God implies there is something wrong with it that God is able to ignore. I prefer teaching that God made people, animals, and the rest of nature colorful because He LOVES color! "He loves your beautiful brown skin and picked it out just for you. He loves my skin color, too. He’d be sad if we weren’t happy with our skin colors, because our colors make the world beautiful."

This lady did not understand what I am saying.  Yes, God does love color!  But what I am saying that it is more important what is on the inside of a person than what color of skin I have on the outside.  She went on to explain why some people have darker color skin. Yes, I understand melanin, and it’s purpose.  But that’s IT– that is why some people have darker skin tones than others.  To protect their skin.  Not for any other purpose.   So why should we make a big deal out of it?  We don’t make a big deal out of fingernails or nose hairs — God gave those to us to protect us too

She went on to say:

If we were all meant to be the same, we would be. Equal doesn’t mean "the same." It is a human challenge that we see differences as a threat and a problem, tending to rank ourselves and each other by them. God clearly likes variety, and we should strive to celebrate the diversity in our world (racial, regional, political, religious), not simply tolerate or attempt to ignore it.

Now this is something I just can’t agree with.  Personally, it sounds like the left-wing mantra, emergent church, and to Jesse Jackson-ish for me.  And I cannot align myself with that.  Does this mean I should embrace Islam, Buddism etc.  and therefore say there is more than one way to eternal life?  Then my belief in Christ is worthless.  


None of us are the same.   I have light brown hair, hubby has dark brown hair. Bubba has black hair,  some are taller, shorter, thinner, fatter.  Why should we single out skin color to "celebrate diversity" when we bleed the same color blood? 


2 thoughts on “God Don’t See No Color

  1. I think skin color should not be singled out. I think instead we should teach about culture both the good and bad. Even people with the same color skin can have a different cultural background.


  2. I know what you are saying. On the one hand we have One Lord, One Faith, One Baptism but on the other, there are all these issues that we should be happy we are not on the same page about. Because life would be boring. I mean issues like what curriculum we use, how long should my hair be, etc….

    Our minister was saying Sunday that a certain evangelical pastor has been quoted as saying that you can become an unbelieving believer and you're still safe–you'll be in Heaven. Huh? I think I missed that verse…. Definitely not a diversity I'm willing to embrace.


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