Happy Blogger Birthday to Me

My blog is 1 year old today!  I can hardly believe it’s been a year since I first signed up for my blog.  It has been a wonderful year at that.  I have so enjoyed getting to "meet" so many of you and several of you I count as dear and close friends.  Someday, I hope to meet several of you in this life and and if not, I cannot wait to enjoy heaven with all of you worshipping our Lord and Creator. 

Maybe I’m so very weird, but ya’ll have been my support when there’s been no other.  So many of you understand and are struggling with the same things I’m struggling with.  So many of you want to be in family integrated churches but don’t have one nearby to attend.  So many of you wear dresses and headcoverings that I don’t feel so weird about it anymore. 

This has also been a place to share my thoughts, vent my frustrations and hopefully encourage others.  I hope I’ll be blogging for many more years to come.   Journalling comes difficult for me, but blogging… somehow it’s different. 

God bless each of you my dear friends!


3 thoughts on “Happy Blogger Birthday to Me

  1. I am so thankful that you found such a great community for encouragement!!! It has helped to make you a better homeschooler, a better mother and a better wife!!!


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