Bottomless Pit

Maybe it’s time for a little update on Precious.  She is now well over 20 pounds.  Is outgrowing almost every bit of clothing we have for her– time for a day shopping the thrift stores– lol.  She is crawling all over the place and trying to pull up on everything– including the dogs!  They just take it– and eat any leftover food off her face :).  This morning she ate an egg yolk with a little cereal, a large carrot, a small peas, a large applesauce and part of a large peach, banana, rasberry.  I think she has a hollow leg  I do have to say that this is not ordinary. 

She still isn’t sleeping through the night– getting up twice.  Amazing, any other time I am a light sleeper, but when a baby is in the house, I sleep right though it.  Did the same thing with Bubba.  Glad Shane doesn’t sleep though it.

Here is a picture of her trying to pull up:

And here is one of her standing– one of the children put her here.  You can get an idea of how tall she is getting.

Melody, if you’re reading this, tell Jared that my Dad gave the children a video camera for Christmas and we’re going to do our best to send him a video of Precious in her Johnny jump up. 


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