Trying to Fight the Blah’s

This has been one of those, so-so days.  I’m feeling kind of blah.  4 -H was cancelled due to sickness.  Which is okay because it hasn’t gotten above 30 degrees here all day and I wasn’t really looking forward to going out, but the sun is out which says something. 

We have had a pretty good week as far as school goes.  Although Bubba did decide to make some waves — dawdling so badly that I finally gave up — he’s done 2 days of school with Shane lately– one 10 pm night.  Princess has finished her typing book this week (btw, Renee Elison has some great stuff, and not very expensive either).  She has made a couple of entries on the family blog and has asked several times if she’s gotten any comments.  So if you feel inclined head on over and leave a comment.  She’d love it!

This will be mine and the children’s 4th week to stay home from church while Shane tries the 3rd church.  (1 week was snowed out.)  Last week’s church isn’t even in the running.  There wasn’t even anything for Shane to bring home to share from the lesson– but how would we have known if he hadn’t tried?  Honestly, we’ve thought about casting lots — rolling dice to see what God would have us do.  Jonah’s shipmates did it so it must be okay.  Right? 

Bubba "cooked" dinner last night.  Speghetti with meat sauce, garlic toast and a spinach salad.  He really worked hard, so hard in fact that we lit candles and had a really elegant meal.  We’ve decided that an elegant meal needs to be a weekly thing.  I tried to take a picture because it looked so nice, but it came out too dark.  Oh well. 

Little Bit, has made vast improvements in his behavior the last few weeks.  I guess he’s finally decided that we can love him and Precious at the same time. 

Precious is trying to walk without pulling up.  Imagine the chinese splits with both hands on the floor and face down.  Too funny… She fell asleep in the johnny jump up yesterday but every so often would bounce or twirl a little too funny. 

Better go and start dinner… Sweet and Sour chicken… yum


2 thoughts on “Trying to Fight the Blah’s

  1. Sorry to hear you are feeling down. Family stresses don't help. The weather sometimes doesn't help either.

    Missing church probably isn't helping either. Are you able to listen to sermons from anywhere online, or on tape? I know when I miss church, I really miss it–and it isn't all the fellowship, it is hearing the Word preached. I pray your search will be blessed, and that you will find the best of what is available in your area.

    It is wonderful to see how Precious is developing and thriving in your home. What an answer to prayer!



  2. some days the "blah's" just come huh? I had a few this week. 🙂

    I love "Facing the Giants" and agree with all you said. We did not see the Nativity. Sherwood Baptist is not far from where we live. We know some of the people from there. I LOVE this movie and the power of God being poured out on the big screen!

    thanks for sharing


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