It wasn’t the blah’s it was the flu

After dinner last night, I started feeling worse.  My skin hurt and I had chills.  I guess it wasn’t the stress of everything afterall.  Today is my shopping Saturday.  Got up this morning feeling a little better, but not better enough– got tired just walking to the bathroom.  So let me tell you about my wonderful hubbie.  He took the 4 children and my list and is in the process of doing the grocery shopping.  What a guy– I truly don’t deserve him. 

Karen, you asked if I was getting good Bible sermons.  I can honestly say that I am gettting better than from our previous church home.  Shane got me an inexpensive MP3 player for Christmas, and we have been downloading, D.James Kennedy, John MacArthur, The White Horse Inn, Ravi Zaccarias (I know I butchered that), Woodrow Kroll (which the children LOVE),  And others. 

When I have been walking in the mornings (or doing the promotional T-Tapp DVD while I wait for the one I ordered) I listen.  When we are in the car we listen.  It has been truly encouraging to be filled full of the word.  I do have a great friend  that I talk to often for fellowship.  She knows what we are dealing with and is a jewel! 

I’m getting tired now, back to bed for me.  Maybe I’ll feel better soon.  I fear I’ll miss our best friends baby shower tomorrow afternoon.  There’s an awesome God story to share later. 


One thought on “It wasn’t the blah’s it was the flu

  1. I hope you get plenty of rest tonight and are well tomorrow!

    That is very sweet of your dh to do the grocery shopping with kids in tow. đŸ™‚ Mine is GREAT about taking the kids with him everywhere, but I fear that the grocery store would be a nightmare for him. It's not that he wouldn't or couldn't go, but he'd be the guy in the store with the cell phone plastered to his ear, calling me for clarification about everything! hehehee… When he does certain things (especially for me), he likes for everything to be PERFECT…2% or 1%? Low-fat, no-fat, natural? Jar, can, bottle? 15oz, 24oz or 32 oz?…

    As far as the baby shower, it does stink to miss such special events, especially when it's for your best friend! But if you must miss it, then you should do your best to enjoy your long overdue rest/time-out.

    Lots of love,


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