Another Adoption “Awesome God Story”

January 22nd a fairly peaceful day at our home. 

Then the phone rings.

It’s Shane.  He says our best friends have a baby!  How? Huh? What? I’m blubbering worse than a baby.  Bubba thought someone had died. We yell "yippee" jumping up and down, estatic, overwhelmed, crying tears of joy!  

Now to the beginning of the story.  Shane and Todd have known each other since they were about 5 years old.  He married a great woman about 6 years ago.  They have miscarried twice, but nothing since then. 

As adoptive parents, we’ve talked to them about it several times.  Finally, they started the homestudy process a couple of months ago.  Whew!  So, their phone rings on the 22nd. 

It’s the adoption agency (the same one we’ve used by the way)

Kristen thinks it’s just to let them know the final homestudy is ready. 

But no!  Susan says "we have a 4 day old baby and he’s yours if you want him"  The birthmother wanted a "Christian family" that was her only requirement.  She let Susan choose– and she chose Todd and Kristen. 

WOW!!!!!  About 4 hours later they met their little bundle. 

We’re almost as excited for them as if we were adopting another.  

Here he is–isn’t he a cutie?  He was bigger at birth than Precious was at 6 months old. 

His face is all cheeks!  Adorable.  God is so good!  And they are beside themselves —

On a side note– Bubba already has Precious and this little guy married. 


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  1. For some reason I did have a thought the other day – If God ever puts a boy I know well together with a girl you know well, they will probably be the first couple ever to register at Barnes and Nobles instead of Bed Bath and Beyond!


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