Fiction I can recommend

I just finished reading The Tender Ties series by Jane Kirkpatrick.  It is a trilogy with the titles "A Name of Her Own"  "Every Fixed Star" and "Hold Tight the Thread"   I found out about her from someone’s blog.  Please, please forgive me if it was you.  So often I find something of interest and write it down only to forget the source.   Please let me know if it was you so I can give credit where credit is due. 

This is historical fiction at it’s best.   It is not tied to a "love story" It is not a "fake" person in a factual time period.  It IS about a real person and their life.  Almost like a biography.  Mrs. Kirkpatrick researched her topic in depth.  In this case the story is about the 2nd woman that crossed America after Sacajewea.  Her name was Marie DeRoin or Marie Dorion and she traveled with the Hunt expedition.  Her first husband was an interpreter and she convinced the party that they needed her and her 2 sons on their journey.   She was an indian woman of the Ioway (Iowa) tribe.  This woman survived many tragedies in her life west.  Including losing her newborn daughter and her husband on the trail, and surviving a terrible snow storm with her 2 sons.   She earned the respect of most that knew her and was given the title of "Madame" DeRoin at a time when indian women were not referred to as "Madame" 

The best part of Mrs. Kirkpatrick’s books is that in the back, she tells you what is fact and what she speculated to write the novel.  She also has an extensive list of Suggested Additional Reading. 

And I have even encouraged Princess (10)  to read them, and will probably have Bubba read them when he is able.  There is very little, if any objectionable material in them. 

Interesting sidenote:  Bubba’s birthmother is from the Iowa tribe.  Her grandfather is full-blooded indian of this tribe.  One of Madame DeRoin’s sons decendants is in Kansas, Missouri and South Dakota.  Bubba’s birthmother was from Kansas.  Bubba is probably related distantly to Madame DeRoin.  Madame DeRoin appears to have been a fine, Christian woman, and one I was proud to introduce to him as a probably ancestor.   Bubba’s birthmother has chosen not to be a part of his life, so this was very exciting for me to share with him.  And it was exciting for him to find out about her. 

Now, I need to see if the library has her other books.