She’s Pulling Up

Precious is finally pulling up.  Monday morning  I was in the shower and Princess came back and very excited.  I had to calm her down because I didn’t understand.  I even asked if everyone was ok?  Finally, she calmed down enough to say "she pulled up"  I was disappointed– afterall I’m home with  her shouldn’t I see these milestones?   She pulled up a couple more times that day– only for me to miss it each time.   I started thinking the children were messin with me.  But, the next day I finally saw her do it– and  she getting pretty good at it. 

The other night we were at some friends house.  Her daughter was playing with Precious and saying "I did it!"  I promise with all my heart it sounded like Precious mimicked her and said "I did it!"   At 13 months, I doubt it, but I can dream can’t I?  Of course it won’t be long before she will be talking her head off and running all over the place. 

If anyone ever figures out how to keep our babies, babies would ya let me know?  No really, most of the time, I love every age.  But my oldest will be 11 this year and it just doesn’t seem possible.