This TN Girl’s Drive in the Snow or Global Warming– HA

Yesterday was 4-H day.  We headed out about 9am in good road conditions ready for a great day.  We travel about 50 minutes away for it– the groups around here are just not very great.  After 4-H we had a quick Dr. appt. for Bubba (he fell last week and his back is still hurting), then lunch with one of my good friends.  Her children are older, so my children stay with them and they get a fun afternoon, and Debbie and I get a nice lunch and some errands done. 

While Debbie and I were out and about, it started spitting snow.  The forcast called for an inch or so way after we were due to be home so we didn’t think anything about it.  As we were standing in the checkout at our last stop, (Cargo Largo— bargains galore!)we saw that there was a lot of snow coming down.  We were there for less than an hour and it dumped snow!  There was snow on the car when we went out and the roads were covered.  Whaaaat?  How did this happen?  Debbie called ahead and the children were just about ready by the time we got back to her house…  and off we went! 

Shane had called while we were standing in the checkout and we made arrangements if I didn’t think I could make it all the way home to meet in a town between and if need be, we could leave his car and go back for it before Monday. 

 No problem I thought… I could make it there.  Thank God for cell phones, we were able to talk the whole way.  I needed the encouragement. 

We decided on the best way for me to get there … ha, ha, ha!  Not the best way.  Neither of us remembered this little uphill curve that was a doosy!  I slid and drove, and slid and drove… I almost cried.  This Tennesse girl does NOT drive in the snow more than a few dozen yards and here I was on a busy two lane curvy hilly road within a foot of sliding into a car that was standing still. 

My concern was getting stuck, sliding into a ditch or hitting a car.  It wouldn’t have been a big deal if I had been by myself, but I had the 4 children with me.  And it was extremely cold, and windy. 

I cried out to God and he saved us.  There was one more hairy spot further down that road– 2 cars were stuck blocking the oncoming lane and there was a line of traffic both ways.  I was the 2nd in line and when the guy in front of me took his turn, I fell in behind him–I wasn’t taking the chance of getting stuck there if the road got totally blocked. 

Once I got off of that road,  I was fine. I was still a little nervous, but the other roads were in much better shape.  I met Shane further down the road and followed him home, stopping for a potty break, a bean burrito from Taco Bell to hold us over and some baby food in Precious’s belly. 

Funny… the roads in the country were by far in better shape than the roads in the city. 

It took us nearly 3 hours to get home, including the 30 minute pit stop in between.  It is usually a 50 minute drive. 

Bubba, Precious and Little Bit are all tired of all this snow.  I’m sure the folks in New York state are tired — 8-10 FEET is just a little excessive for my taste.  There was a blizzard in Colorado earlier this year.  Here in MO we had nearly 30 days where the temperature didn’t go above freezing.  Night temperatures were between 0 and 10 degrees.  And it seems the major topic of discussion among liberals like Nancy Pelosi and Al Gore is about  "global warming" 

God must have a great sense of humor. 


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