What a Week!!!

This week has been extremely busy.  The weather has been so beautiful.  Finally after freezing temps it hit 60 at least one day this week!!!!  The children went out Monday  and came in covered in mud.  It was so worth it though.  They’ve been out a couple more times this week, but we’ve been so busy there hasn’t been much time.  Forecast today– rain!  Not one farmer in this area should be complaining of a drought this year with all the snow, ice and now rain. 

Monday afternoon, Shane met with one of the leaders of the church we are interested in.  Mainly, this was a further fact finding meeting.  We are encouraged, the door wasn’t closed, but Shane got home late for dinner and that throws the entire evening off. 

Tuesday, we had lunch with Daddy and then he met with his parents and a nouthetic counselor that night.  Didn’t get home until late, but we think it will be profitable

Wednesday night, Shane had a tax appointment at 9:00 about 45 minutes from our home, so he had dinner with us and left shortly before the children went to bed– didn’t get home til nearly 11! 

Last night, Shane kept our children and my good friend’s children so Tammy and I could go out to dinner.  (her husband is working on his master’s so we didn’t want to take away from their family time).  We tried this little Italian restaurant not too far down the road.  It was wonderful and we had a great time together.  The food was wonderful.  I think we’ll be going back. 

Today, I am going to venture to do my shopping with the children.  If Shane can do it, so can I!  Really, my Dad should be here sometime this afternoon, and tomorrow is my normal shopping day.  I’ve also got to go renew tags on our cars today. 

Saturday we have tickets for a CYT play and will take Dad out for dinner. 

Sunday church and a day of rest–

Is it Sunday yet????? 

Next week shouldn’t be nearly as busy.