I’m going AWOL–

Because my in laws have found my blog and this has been my place of refuge, I wll not be posting any more entries at this time.  Thank you very much


6 thoughts on “I’m going AWOL–

  1. Sorry to hear about that! That is the thing with blogging – you just don't know who's reading. I'm always going back and re-writing or deleting posts because I'll wake up in the middle of the night thinking, "what if so-n-so read that?!!!" And that is exactly why I haven't been posting much lately, truth be told! Can you just make your blog "Friends List Only", though?
    Blessings ~ Diane


  2. I specifically told my mother in law that this was my own personal place and that I really didn't want anyone I knew knowing about it.
    I'll have to think on the friends only thing. Right now, I'm very hurt and not thinking very straight at all.
    Thanks Diane!


  3. Please email me or comment on my blog when/if you get another blog going. I am so sorry. I have enjoyed you blog and our sometimes conversations.



  4. I have the homeschool blog for my family but have NEVER told them about my other blog as I feel I need space to share things and feelings about things that I just don't want them to know about or some others back home.
    if you want to know about my other blog, pm me and I will tell you where….


  5. I hope that you can find a space that is secure for you.

    I would like to keep hearing from you. It has been wonderful to watch Princess become part of your family–a real answer to prayer.

    Feel free to PM me if you start something new.



  6. Oooo…yes, friends list only please! They won't even know there's something there that they can't see…

    Either way, let me know where you end up, okay?



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