Rethinking Things…. Not Going AWOL Afterall

The blog entry I made that I was going AWOL was made very shortly after finding out that my in-laws had been reading my blog, I have since had time to think about it and with Shane’s knowledge and understanding…

I’ve decided to continue this blog.  I have invested over a year’s time and have made many great friends that are on my friends list and some that are not.  Not for lack of want, just lack of time.   It’s amazing what can happen when a baby comes home 

I have had over 12,000 hits during this past year.  That my friends, imo, is a very high honor.   I can hardly believe that this many people actually hit my blog.  I appreciate this community.  Some of you I know better than others, but I appreciate all of you.  This blog has been a great blessing to me.  You all have walked through Precious’s adoption with us, and have given encouragement, you have shared our joys and our pains.  You have let me think my thoughts.  If you agreed, you lent your support, if you didn’t, either you didn’t say anything, or you asked me to think about ______in a respectful way.  This is how iron sharpens iron and how we sharpen one another as Christians.  And I have been sharpened during this past year+

We have a family blog that I have given to family and friends for the purpose of letting them know what is going on in our family life.  This is the blog address that I gave my inlaws and everyone else that we thought would be interested in knowing what was going on with us, when we started it. 

******If there is anyone else that is family/or real life friends reading this blog, at this point, I would like to respectfully ask that you continue looking at the family blog alone.   At this point, if you continue to read and don’t like what I say, it will be your responsibility and your responsibility alone.  I have not been read my miranda rights, and I have not broken the law so "anything I say can and "should" not be used against me" ******

This blog has always been meant to be my personal space.  Shane and I both remember me telling my mother in law that I had a personal blog in addition to the family blog, but I did not want to share the address because I was enjoying the anonimity that it afforded.   Honestly, that was my bad.  I should not have mentioned it to anyone else and kept it to myself.   Her response to the best of our recollection was something to the effect of that’s okay, I don’t have the time to read it anyway.  I thought I still had my safe place. 

My hope would be that my inlaws would have honored my request and not gone searching for me, or if they happened upon my blog that they would have respected my privacy when they realized that they were viewing my blog and gone elsewhere.   IMO, it is as if I left my journal on the table and they came over and saw it and decided to read it all the time knowing that it was my personal thoughts that I had no intention of them reading.   

I have decided that if they choose to continue to read this blog at my request for privacy, and they find something they don’t agree with, then they have made that choice.  It is their choice since this is public domain and their responsibility.  But I would hope that they would respect me enough to respect my privacy.  I would do the same if the situation reversed.  I don’t believe I have been slanderous or disrespectful concerning this situation.  In fact, I have asked for prayer in this situation many, many times because we have been at a loss of how to handle it.   

I will say that I either mistakenly made a couple of posts "everyone read" that should have been "friends only" or "private" posts. Or, that with all the changes that HSB is making and the difficulties they have encountered, maybe they ended up posting as "everyone read".   For that, I am truly sorry. In the future I will be more careful and any posts regarding them will not be left for everyone to read if it is in my power.   However, after looking over the posts, I believe the issues on those posts were things that Shane has addressed with them in an email and that they should address at some point with the nouthetic counselor they began seeing last Tuesday.     

Shane and I have talked at length about whether I needed to be involved in these counseling sessions.   As the leader of our home, I implicitly trust Shane to handle any of the issues with his parents.   In addition to that, we have very little choice of people to leave our children with if I were to go.   I would most likely have to drive a least 3 hours extra on that day, which is already our busy day out of the house, in order to:

a. not take advantage of friendships, and/or

b. trust the people we were leaving them with.  

Additionally, Princess’s birth sister goes to the small college where this counselor is housed and that will add additional stress to our life if she were to see us, which is quite likely since she found Shane’s brother and sister while they were waiting during the last counseling session.  (we think Shane was able to sneak out–but 2 of us with a baby would be a lot more difficult).   Precious would have to go with us, as we have left her with others 3 times and she has cried every time for almost the entire time we were gone.  Princess’s birthsister is a baby magnet and at some point I feel certain she would see us.  Not something we really want to explain. 

Now back to my regularly scheduled blog…



4 thoughts on “Rethinking Things…. Not Going AWOL Afterall

  1. Very well said, Christine! I really like being anonymous to friends and family but now my blog has evolved into an easy way to keep in touch with everyone re: what's going on in our house. So I guess it's MY family blog! 🙂

    That's also why most of my post's are upbeat and positive…it's definitely not b/c my life is perfect! hehehee…it's just that big brother is watching…. aggghhh… just kidding… sorta…

    I'm glad you'll be hanging around– it's a lot more fun with you here!



  2. Glad you're back! I gave my blog address to my brother, but I asked him not to give it to the rest of my family. I think he has kept it to himself. It's not that I care if they know how I feel about things, but I just don't want to hear their opinions.


  3. I'm glad you're staying. 🙂 I had a similar situation, only it wasn't my in-laws. It was R & S's biological parents!

    I've missed your blog since the 'upgrade' and I haven't had a chance to stop over and see how you're doing. I don't have time right now either, but I'm here anyway. 🙂



  4. I am one of those friends that would greatly miss you. I already have missed you on the AoH yahoo group so I am happy to read that you are reconsidering closing your blog. ~Heather


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