I have posted many "Heartlight’s today’s verse" at different times.  During the last few weeks, God again has been using Heartlight to strengthen and uphold me, but I can’t blog all of them.  In the midst of the storms of life (and there are many right now) He is and has been upholding and sustaining me.  

Today’s verse and thought:

Stop trusting in man, who has but a breath in his nostrils. Of what account is he?

— Isaiah 2:22


How many times have you been disappointed by someone for whom you voted, been betrayed by a friend, abandoned by a loved one, or let down by a church leader? While we love others and care about them, every other person in our world is just like us — a flawed human being who breathes the same air and walks the same ground as we do. Only One is worthy of our ultimate trust. He showed his trustworthiness to us by sacrificing what was most precious to him so we could know his love. Let’s not put our hope in other mere mortals; only God can safeguard our trust. Let’s put our hope in him!

Father God, there are many here at HSB and others that we know that are struggling with difficult situations.  So many times, we do put our trust in your imperfect people.  Lord God, help us always put our trust and our hope in you, Maker, Creator of heaven and earth.  Who on earth is like you?  Not one.  Grant us your peace and give us your mercy to face the difficult areas of life.  In Jesus most holy and precious name,  Amen


One thought on “Encouragement

  1. Thanks Christine! I am SOOOOO much better now. I have started blogging a lot in our family website. Thanks for coming by and thinking about me. I love the Gaithers too, yeah! I search and found some more videos to inspire me. I have run through your blog real quick before taking a shower. You speak so much of what me and my husband believed. Relationship is indeed far more important than any of these. I am blessed to go through this ordeal without it shaking our marriage or our relationship as a family. The boys are doing great, someday they'll look back and read my blog and would probably say, we'll we were poor then but we didn't know since we were happy. Speaking of church, we found one here but it is still nothing close to what we have in VA. It's ok and they're wonderful people but we didn't have the intimacy and support that we have when we were there. We are moving back.. It's not confirm yet but that's the plan right now. The word family doesn't mean anything here. And yeah, I will/we will never put our trust on people again, not even a family. I know we can get through this, it's not gonna be easy but we're going to make it by God's help and start all over again. I am excited and anxious to get things stabilized. God has taught us so much from this storm. I can tell that you guys have been going through some rough times as well. Let's continue to hold each other in prayers. I love you my sister in the Christ. Ohhh.. before I forgot you cannot call me, our phones are cut off, we have been without phones for sometime now, next will be electricity and internet but guess what.. we are going to be just fine. I don't want to pity party anymore and nether should I cry. Check out my blog.. the cryings over and JOY comes in the morning. Hugs, Melanie


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