Dead Sea Scrolls

The Dead Sea Scrolls are at Union Station in Kansas City through May.  We purchased our tickets 3 months ago and went yesterday.   This is the homeschooling field trip of a lifetime.   If you live within several hours of Kansas City it is worth the drive.  We were in the actual exhibit about 2 hours.   You can spend as much time or as little time there.  They give you a device (like a huge cellphone) to listen to as you go through.  Our children were tired by the time we were done, but they got a lot out of it.  Princess took her Bible and read the verses while standing next to the scrolls — pretty amazing. 

 Linda,  bring your hubby and girls and come on down! Don’t miss it!  In fact, if you live in Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma, Iowa, or Nebraska don’t miss it.  Once they go back to where they came from they won’t be back.   You can buy tickets online where I linked above.  In fact, you should buy tickets ahead of time, heard one story of a couple waiting 3 days to get tickets.  From my understanding, Union Station is expanding it’s hours to add additional tour times, and this exhibit is expected to sell out. 

I will say the Scrolls themselves were not as I expected.  We heard a professor in Old Testament studies from Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary speak about them last Sunday night, so I was prepared.  There are 5 parts of the real scrolls and then 4 others that are replicas.   All but one, appear to be tiny pieces of worthless paper.  There are a few hands on exhibits for the children, after you leave the exhibit.  The giftshop is way overpriced but they did have a bag of rocks from the dead sea for $4.  For my rock collecting family this was the perfect souvenier. 

The Dead Sea Scrolls have an interesting history.  They were discovered by a shepard who had lost a goat and was looking for it.  The original selling price was $75, I believe.  They were advertised in the Wall Street Journal at one time.  Would you believe in the early days, as they were trying to piece them together they used Scotch tape!!!!!  They have since spent a lot of time removing the gum from the scrolls. 


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  1. We also saw the Dead Sea Scroll exhibit. I was hoping for more sea scrolls than were on display, but really liked how they displayed what was there. I also enjoyed the artifacts.


  2. that would be something I would like to do! I love you Christine! Thanks for your very encouraging email as usual.
    My phones back, yipee! I would LOVE to hear your voice again if you still like to call me..
    Oh.. we didn't have any pet, I am so afraid of dogs but I would like to have an aquarium someday.


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