Done with Dogs

When we moved to the country 3 years ago, we brought Mocha with us.  Our beloved lab mix that had to be put to sleep a few months ago.  Since we moved out her, we’ve had a couple of strays show up and leave again.  Then we got the beagle, Charlie, but he killed chickens so we found him a new home.  Then we found  Ben, our sweet chocolate lab, and Sherman, our "cat-dog" chinese crested powderpuff (Shane says it takes a real man to admit to owning a dog with the name "powderpuff").   New years eve day, the sweet "Velvet" showed up, 2 weeks later we were looking for a new home, because she killed chickens.  She left and we found Harley.  A lab mix that has been with us about 2 months or so.  Until tomorrow that is.  Yesterday, he killed a chicken.  Today he killed 3 more.  2 that we just bought and hadn’t even gotten one egg from yet and one little sweet fluffy top (polish crested).  There goes $12 down the drain!  The rest of the chickens are either hiding, or laying dead somewhere.  But the children have looked in the fields, so they are probably hiding really well.  We’ll know in a few hours. 

Fortunately, the people we got Harley can take him back.  So he’ll go back to his previous owners tomorrow.  For now, we are a one dog and one "cat-dog" family with no plans in the near future to try again.  Ben will just have to be lonely or Sherman will have to start acting more like a dog than a cat. 

Well, that’s life on the mini-farm.