Apology– The Root Word

In my last entry, I talked about our "new" Biblical way of doing some things at our house.   Shane and I were talking the other day about this whole "new" way of apologizing–which isn’t really apologizing at all.  But is Biblical repentance, and forgiveness.  

Shane reminded me that the root word for Apology is "apologia" This word means "a defense"  That is what an apology usually is– a defense of why I did what I did and why it’s okay that I did it.   But an apology is not Biblical.  (Unless you’re talking about a defense of the Christian faith.  We should be making a defense about why we believe what we believe and why it’s Truth at every opportunity God provides). 

As Christians, what we should be doing is repenting for our sin.  Not making a defense for our sinful behavior.  

Repent means "turn away from".  When we repent, we tell the person we are repenting to that we are turning away from what we have done.  That we are going to do our very best to not allow that sin to happen again.  And their forgiving us means they aren’t going to hold it over us in the future.