Where We Landed–Baptism and Church Update

A while back, we were challenged to look at paedobaptism (infant baptism–a few months ago, I wouldn’t have known what that term meant).  Then Melissa recommended a couple of books and Fletch also piped in, as well as several others that I don’t remember right now.  Shane studied, and shared, and studied and shared some more.  I read after him.  We saw a lot of good arguments for coventental paedobatism.  We were content to follow God where ever He led on this issue.   Shane read both books Melissa recommended.  We looked at what other people had to say on the issue.  At one point, we were very close to saying yes, we need to have the 3 younger children baptized.  But there were still questions that weren’t answered.  Then someone recommended Vision Forum’s CD series on Covenental Credobaptism.  William Einwechter explains the Covenental view of believer’s baptism so well.  I love the way this CD series works.  And I so admire the people on both sides of this issue for coming together and loving each other in spite of their differences.  Shane and I can honestly say that we understand our paedobaptist brothers and sisters view and we respect it.  I thank God and praise Him for His leading us down this road.  

Meet us:  Reformed, Covenental, Credobaptists

So what about church?  God closed the door on the church I wrote about a few weeks ago.  The age integrated one that we had found on the Vision Forum website that we were pretty excited about.  It was not totally their view on paedobaptism–they are accepting of credobaptist believers, however, we would have been the only credobaptists at this time.  There were other reasons too.   

We visited a church were our good friends attend for a couple of weeks and hoped that it would work, but for several reasons, it won’t.  Drats, ’cause there’s nothin we’d love better than attending the same church as our friends. 

We visited a reformed baptist church today that we had visited some last summer for their Wednesday night Bible study.  There are possibilities there, but we are resolved to wait on the Lord. I’m sure glad He knows where He’s leading.  But I’ll be glad when he takes the blindfold off and lets us in on the secret.  hehe


2 thoughts on “Where We Landed–Baptism and Church Update

  1. I am Southern Baptist. I don't hold to the infant baptism, but I am bookmarking your post and intend to read about it. I will say that with the emerging/emergent/seeker church philosophies, mysticism, theraputic gospel and more, creeping into the church, I am leaning more and more toward reformed. I don't know how much longer I will be able to stay in my church. So far, it is OK except they insist on studying books (Beth Moore, Charles Stanley, Rick Warren) instead of the Word (I teach a children's class, so I am not in class with adults). I am truly worried about the direction of our church as well as the churches of America.

    When we start honing our beliefs, discontent sets in. Maybe not discontent, but wisdom and discernment. I believe in the not so distant future, there will be a great separation among churches (within the churches). I want to be prepared with knowledge of the Scripture so I will not be swept away.

    May God bless your search for the right fit for your family.


  2. we just finished a day of celebration and feasting after the baptism this morning of our newest addition, christian andrew. our guests left about an hour ago, and we are just sitting down to family worship together to revisit and celebrate as a family in the joy of the covenant.
    it was a great service…i'd say a majority of our church members are credobaptists, so we had a very straight forward instruction as to why we were baptizing our little guy.
    i walked away from the worship service with great joy that little chrisitian was welcomed into the covenant community and that he received the sign of covenant membership. it is our prayer that God will also give him the gift of faith to claim the promises that He makes to covenant keepers.
    i also walked away refreshed and renewed in my own faith, as i remember the covenant of grace that God makes with us…to be a God to us and to our children!
    what a glorious day of feasting and celebration unto the Lord…wish you could have been here with us!


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