One Thing Better

Last night we watched "Singing in the Rain".  We love old movies and my absolute favorites are musicals.  (I attribute it to 2 years of teaching ballroom dancing for "Fred Astaire studios" in my "other" life).   The children and I were talking about old movies this morning and Princess says:

"There’s only one thing better than old movies"

"What’s that" I ask.

"old books"

Yes, I homeschool my children and I’m proud of it. How many "normal" 10 year olds love old movies … and old books? 


6 thoughts on “One Thing Better

  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog again. I think our vacation is over Memorial Day weekend – when are you going? That would be neat to meet if the timing's right!
    Blessings ~ Diane


  2. reading Ishmael as a family minus Dad; although he gets a chapter here and there. They are enjoying it very much and Princess already has a theory on what happens.


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