Machine Gun or .22 ???

Shane and I were having a discussion tonight about a situation in our life.  Lately, Tuesday nights are nights of discussion, but hopefully that is all behind us.  Anyway…

He was telling me how he sees the way I tackle an issue.

He used the example of a molehill. 

He says I take the machine gun and shoot the molehill down and down and down. 

Then I wait a while, see some dirt left and take the machine gun out again… and shoot a few more rounds.

Then I might see a piece of dirt the machine gun missed and out it comes again. 

He says in some things all you need is a .22. 

This is the difference between men and women. 


One thought on “Machine Gun or .22 ???

  1. My dh must be a woman! I know the molehill was figurative, but my dh goes out regularly and shoots the gopher hills and the land all around them with his semi-automatic. It does the job for a month or even longer. Yeah, the .22 idea is good if you have all the time in the world and have a great aim. Doesn't work for everybody.

    I think I must have a split personality, sometimes I pulverize and sometimes I tread lightly and carry a big stick!


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