A Reading Family

A few days ago I posted Princess’s comment about old books being better than old movies.  So here’s the rest of the story…

Usually we stop at the library on our way home from the city and I lock the children in (the little town where our branch is has less than 300 people in it), and run in and get our books.  Sometimes, if I don’t have to do much for dinner we’ll all run in quickly, but we don’t have time to stay and read. 

Yesterday was different.  I told the children if they got their schoolwork done, we’d make a destination trip to the library.  You can imagine the excitement.  Princess has always loved books.  Bubba has always enjoyed them, but until recently he’d rather be read to than read himself.   Little Bit behaved very well, yippee– the library was a place he will sometimes revert back to terrible behavior.   I actually got to look through some "Taste of Home" and "Quick Cooking" magazines.  With Precious on my back in my Ergo, I had free hands. 

Sitting in the library Bubba says "I just love books" 

Little Bit loves books too, but he learned to manipulate very early in his life (before he came to us) and he would rather manipulate and be in control of something, than read.  It’s not that he isn’t ready, he can do it, he just won’t do it.   He’ll go through half a lesson in his "100 Easy Lessons" and then decide he’s done so he’ll start acting goofy with it. 

We’ve tried several things, but nothing has worked so far…

Anybody got any ideas???????? 


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  1. Have you tried hooked on phonics? Zach hated 100 easy lessons but LOVED hooked on phonics. I also used Explore the Code with him.


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