Guess How Much I Paid; My First Contest

Some of you may remember, a while back I asked for recommendations of Jet Stream or Convection ovens. I got none, but that’s beside the point.  I also missed the person that hit my blog the 10,000th time, so maybe this contest will be a bust too, but I thought I’d try it anyway.  ***Here’s the disclaimer– this was really Shane’s so if it bombs, I can blame him hehehehe. 

I got a great deal today on a Nesco American Harvest Jet Stream Turbo oven.  I found this exact oven at one of the nearby thrift stores.  It retails for $149.99 and is currently on backorder– guess how much I paid for it and I’ll send the blessed winner (no such thing as luck) the first batch of Chocolate Chip Cookies I make in it.  (minus a couple– I can’t get by making CCC’s and not giving my children a bite or two and I have to make sure they are worthy of sending to you).  No guarantees here, but they should be yummy.   BTW, if they bomb I’ll come up with an alternate prize.  

The deadline for my contest is midnightApril 1st.  And no, I won’t "fool" you and not send the prize.  That would be pretty   ish of me, wouldn’t it?    I wouldn’t want to make you .   Tammy, you are excluded from this contest because I’m sure I won’t be able to keep my big mouth shut, I’ll have to share it with ya. 

The only thing wrong with my new oven was a couple of the internal washers had come off and it made a clanking noise when I started it that would die down as it ran.  Shane was able to take it apart and put the washers back in place.  No clanking noise now.  This thrift store is in a nearby yuppy town so I imagine the poor lady that owned it thought it was ruined and gave it away.  Her loss is my gain.  Oh, and if you happen to be the poor lady– thanks a bunch. 

I just have to figure out how to return the Deni that I bought at QVC last week.  I wasn’t totally happy with it, because of the way you put things down into it.  Like we tried frozen pizza in it last night, half of it came out doughy.  They are supposed to have a 30 day any reason return policy– I’ve never ordered from them before, so we’ll see how it works. 

I think I’ll be really happy with the Nesco, because it is set up a little different.   Easier to put things in the oven because of the way the "lid" is attached. I have a Nesco dehydrator that I really like too. 

******  I forgot to say that you can leave a comment or email me with your guess.  If no one guesses the correct amount, I will bake the cookies for the person with the closest guess.   *****


3 thoughts on “Guess How Much I Paid; My First Contest

  1. .. i am not a good cook and not a shopper either so, i really have no clue..hehe although i am on diet, i would never resist a homemade cookie! i can never make them at home unless they are straight from the nestle package and all i have to do is spread them out in the tray..haha

    so my guess would be… $27.00 i keep changing my numbers but this is

    iloveyou christine! hugs, melanie =)


  2. $15. But if I win, you probably won't want to mail choc chip cookies to Canada. Maybe you can send them to my sister.



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