Lost Frogs and Pukin’ Dogs ****update

We never did find the frog, I chose to believe that jumped through a crack in the window.  That’s my story and I’m stickin to it.

Bubba caught a frog in the creek yesterday put it in his “bug” jar.  This morning he was showing big sis and I hear “oh no” yes, you guessed it.  The frog is somewhere hopping itself all over my house. Fortunately, it is a little frog and not a big frog or a snake– yikes!

Then, Little Bit comes and says “one of the dogs puked”  I’ll spare you the details.  

 So goes our morning so far… lets hope this isn’t a preview of the day to come.

Since then, the dog’s puked 2 more times… not looking too promising here.


2 thoughts on “Lost Frogs and Pukin’ Dogs ****update

  1. nothing looks promising in my side of the planet either, but that's ok.. i wish God would take the blindfold too and let us peep a little bit, even just a little bit.. i sure am getting anxious each day. thanks for thinking about me.. other than all the bills that keeps piling up, we are eating and surviving.. PRAISE GOD! so yeah, no more whining here.. just impatient.. lol.. iloveyou my sister in Christ! hugs, melanie =)


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