Precious tries Root Beer Milk

Every night we feed Precious one last bottle with the hopes that she will sleep through the night.  Last night, we asked Princess to get her bottle for us.  Precious sucked almost all of it down in about 5 minutes flat.  This was quite amazing because she had just drunk a bottle about an hour before, and has never drunk a bottle this fast.  But we had been gone all day so I just chalked it up to her being thirsty.  Until…

A few minutes later, Shane went to the kitchen for something and his quart of Shatto Root Beer milk was sitting on the counter. 

Princess had poured Precious root beer milk by mistake.  No wonder she drunk it all down.   She slept until 4:30 am–wonder if that’s why she slept so well??????  If she doesn’t sleep as well tonight, it might be worth it to try again. 

I hafta tell you about this milk.  This milk is produced by a family owned farm in the Northland area of Kansas City.  No hormones, or extra stuff.  It comes in glass containers, that you return for your deposit.  It tastes great, and they not only have the normal whole, 2% and skim varieties, but they have several flavors.  Including the root beer milk I mentioned above, strawberry, chocolate, and others.   Shane says the root beer milk tastes just like a root beer float.  (Not my favorite thing so I haven’t tried it).  Now, this stuff is also expensive so we don’t buy it regularly ($6. for 1 gallon).  About twice as expensive as regular milk (whole foods has a hormone free, not as good as Shatto, but half the price too).  If you’re ever in the KC area go to a nearby Hy-Vee or Price Chopper and try it.  You’ll not regret it. 



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